Vegetarian Silk

I discovered Vegetarian Silk quite by accident.

It is a manmade product made from a natural vegetable fibre, a bit like viscose.  I don’t know much about the process, but I do know that it is made into sheets ready for spinning into yarn.  The sheets are a little like silk hankies, and I have chosen two parts of the process for our packs, and also for the embellisher rolls.  They are beautifully soft, and can be used for a number of things.  Not only are they a dream to use on the embellisher they are also ideal as a ready made surface for stitchery.  The heavier weight (pieces of both weights are included in both the embellisher rolls and the packs) will also felt if handled very carefully, and this is the way to introduce extra texture into your work.  I will shortly be doing a little instruction leaflet to give further ideas for its use, so watch out on this blog, and also on Etsy.

You can also read a little about it here.  Thanks for the mention, stupidcats, I think your little creatures are gorgeous.