Silk for November


4 strand silk – a beautiful thread. Available as individual threads or buy all three together for a special price. Leave a comment and I will contact you – Paypal isn’t being very considerate so I can’t list with a button. Leave a comment on a previous post if any of the threads interest you. These won’t be listed on Etsy, and are due to be taken to a show on Sunday. Availability is therefore limited. No repeats available. Still more to come.

More November threads here.

Lovely Silk

Silk fibres are so lovely to work with .  In all reality, once you have worked in silk it is difficult to revert to another fibre, so here are two to whet your appetite!

Silk Hankie!  Wonderfully versatile, and, although I say it myself, a beautiful colour!

Another stunning colourway for this one.  You can find them both listed here.  Watch that space as I have more lovely colours coming very soon.