Colour Studies

CS 4 b

There are many stages in producing a new piece of art. Once the subject has been chosen I make a vast quantity of drawings and sketches before moving on to add colour. In preparation for this I also produce a number of colour studies. Each one is thoughtfully made using specially produced hand dyed paper, observing colour proportions, shades and tones. Elements are then stitched to a background for consideration.They are useful reminders of the work involved in the final piece and mini artworks in their own right. Each one is different, therefore totally unique and one of a kind.

Some of these are now offered for sale. When available you can find them here on Etsy. Others will be on my own site and a link will be provided later. Please note that there are different sizes, and this is reflected in the price which is very reasonable and offers an ideal introduction to my work.

Some other small pieces of my work can be found here.

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