Spring – the final countdown

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The blossom on the pear tree is a good indication that spring has arrived. Spring is a season that begins to make us feel better about ourselves – the days lengthen and the sun begins to warm the world. It’s exciting to watch the garden come to life.

I’ve not done much watching for almost 40 years. Winifred Cottage has taken so much of my time. Any time I spent outside was usually busily dyeing threads for Sassa Lynne, not watching for the blossom and bulbs. This year is different, however, I’m winding down.

In fact – at the end of this week I will come to an almost dead stop!

Winifred Cottage will be closing on 31st March!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It almost passed into other hands on a couple of occasions, but in the end…. I didn’t want it to go.

So here are a very few last offers for you. Make your choice below – postage to the UK is included please use the contact form below if you would like them to be sent anywhere else in the world and I’ll send you a paypal invoice

1 Chiffon Scarves

I’ve prepared a few packs of mixed colours. There are at least 10 in each pack for £25.00. No choice of colours – just what we have put in there. The sooner you grab a bag the better the colours will be and the less chance of duplicate colours. I also have a few bags of just white ones – these can be dyed using acid dyes, or coloured with transfer paints/crayons.

Mixed colours collection of chiffon scarves £25.00, UK postage included Buy Here

White chiffon scarves £25.00, UK postage included
Buy Here

2 Machine threads

I have been very particular about the machine threads I sold. I have a few left and have put these together into mixed collections. Once again – no choice of colours, and early birds will get the best selections. These packs are very good value!

Machine Threads – Packs of 8 £25.00, UK postage included
Buy Here

3 Sassa Lynne Hand dyed Felt

This popular felt retails at £4.00 per piece. This special offer is for 8 pieces for £25.00. No choice as above – but several lovely mixed packs are avalable

Hand dyed felt – Packs of 8 £25.00, UK postage included
Buy Here

If you are interested in anything else that we may have available please use the form below.

All of the above are in very limited quantities. I’ll still be selling Sassa Lynne threads etc – but in a very low key fashion, just as and when I can summon up the energy. More about that on another day, but please ask at any time.






Mixing colours


The summer sun brings the ideal weather for dyeing outside… Dyes always work better in heat.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this morning – standing with my back to the sun mixing colours for some Vegetarian Silk. However, the breeze was also rather strong – so I’ve been chasing dye containers too – as can be seen in the picture at the top. Yes, I did wear gloves – but the red one blew into the rose bush and I didn’t want to puncture them…..

Now it’s just a question of waiting for a few more hours and then the rinsing will begin. Vegetarian silk is very delicate in its wet state. It is easy to destroy it completely. However, slowly and gently is the key, and the results are always worth waiting for.

If you need some for your workshops with Isabel Hall I suggest you get in…

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Mixed collections – All sold

Exciting new collections of mixed threads. There are limited quantities of each, so don’t delay – click the picture to go through to the appropriate page to purchase. More will be added over the next few days – they will be posted on Facebook with the link, so why not pop over there now and join to ensure that you have first pick.

Above – Collection 4 £25.00 including UK postage

Above – Collection 5 £25.00 including UK postage